How It Works

Compliance packaging helps address the need for patients to adhere to their medication schedule and is a practice that’s been in place in both community and long-term care pharmacies for years. The basic objective behind dispensing medications in compliance packs is to assist patients (or their agents) in maintaining an administration schedule and thus optimizing the effectiveness of treatment.

Central Fill Solutions is an accredited Ontario Pharmacy dedicated to the production of compliance packaging for other Ontario Pharmacies. How does it work? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Your weekly batch of compliance pack refills is sent to our facility via a secure link with your pharmacy system.  We integrate with a variety of software platforms including PharmaClik RX, Kroll, Flexipharm, etc…
  2. Utilising high-speed robots in a closed-door, disruption-free environment, CFS fills the cards quickly and accurately.
  3. The cards then go through a rigorous “Triple-cCheck” process before being packed up and couriered back to your pharmacy.  All the corresponding documentation required to comply with OCP regulations accompanies your secure shipment.

Whether you fill 20, 75, or 500+ cards a week, your cards arrive at your pharmacy checked and ready to be picked up or delivered to your patients.

“We have a very busy dispensary and the numbers of compliance packs we were preparing increased every month. It was getting unmanageable with both the space and manpower needed to keep up to the demand.  Central Fill Solutions provided us with an answer to our problem by giving us access to leading technology without the upfront cost and at a very reasonable price.”

Vince Purificati
Maple Guardian Pharmacy

Less work. More time.

Key Benefits

Improve Efficiency
Once your batch has been run and reconciled, producing your cards manually in your pharmacy takes up valuable counter space, creates unnecessary crowding, increases staff stress, increases inventory carrying costs and overall makes your dispensary operation less efficient. When you outsource your card production, you create a much more relaxed, positive and efficient work environment which in turn leads to improved customer service, increased sales, happier staff, and more time to spend on value creating activities.

Increase Revenue
When your staff is free from the time-consuming task of manually filling blister cards, they can focus on other business building priorities that can generate increased revenue and sales for your business. Whether it be completing MedsChecks, providing injections and immunizations, enrolling patients in Auto-refill or MedSync, calling for either refill or pick up reminders, or building loyalty by helping a customer with an OTC question, every store that has subscribed to our service has experienced a substantial increase in non-card related sales and revenue due to the time they now have to focus on their other customer care initiatives.

Increase Customer Satisfaction
Through our partnership with Synergy Medical, we utilize over 30 different kinds of blister cards allowing you to continue to provide your patients with the same branded compliance packaging they’ve come to rely on. Cards fully comply with OCP requirements including descriptions and photos of the medications included. Servicing a Long Term Care Facility? Each card can be personalized with your patients’ photo for improved safety and accuracy further reducing errors. For facilities – larger print than can be achieved in store for easy reading

Improve your patients’ adherence
In spite of the obvious benefits of compliance packaging to both patients and the pharmacy, many pharmacies are reluctant to promote blister pack services to their patients due to the increased workload it creates. By outsourcing your card production to a central fill pharmacy, you can increase the number of compliance patients you bring on with no additional workload at store level. A recent study found that stores that utilize a central fill service add almost twice as many new card patients each year compared with stores that fill their cards manually. With CFS, you have unlimited growth potential.

Dramatically reduce the cost to fill each card
Industry studies show that when everything (staffing, card inventory, taking and replacing bottles to and from the shelf, cutting half and quarter tablets, filling the cards, checking the cards, fixing changes or errors, managing staff, etc….) is taken into consideration, the average cost for a pharmacy to fill a card manually in store is between $10-12 per card. Using CFS can mean a cost saving of almost 50%! Our per-card pricing model allows you to incorporate all your patients’ medications and OTCs without impacting your costs and have a clear idea of your cost projections.

Reduce filling errors
A busy pharmacy dispensary is typically a very hectic place and a tough environment in which to fill blister packs. Phone calls, customer questions, and deliveries often interfere with the filling process. Picking up where you left off can be difficult with multiple meds in the cards and distracted filling can lead to higher error rates – not to mention the repetitive nature of card filling leading to fatigue. Central Fill Solutions is a closed door facility that specializes in filling blister cards. Using UPC bottle scan verifications, accurate SynMed robots and a “triple check” process (where every card is checked and signed off by a pharmacy assistant, a registered pharmacy technician and a pharmacist) you can be assured that when the cards arrive at your pharmacy they represent the utmost in filling accuracy. Having completed the therapeutic check upon processing, the cards arrive with the technical check done and ready to hand to your patients. Don’t these, your highly vulnerable patients, deserve the safety afforded by central filling?

  • Additional Benefits
  • Allows perpetual inventory to be maintained at store level; inventory is not decremented for prescriptions sent to Central Fill
  • Uses your existing grouping & batching features to schedule compliance prescription refills.
  • Maintains the confidentiality and proprietorship of your patient files
  • Complies with your banner’s generic formulary

“Our homes have been very pleased with the quality of cards being produced by Central Fill Solutions. The team at Central fill does not hesitate to go above and beyond to meet the pharmacy needs and so much more! We have been able to grow our business with the help of Central Fill Solutions”

Beshoy Rizk
Liberty Market Pharmacy