COVID-19 Notice

There were already so many great advantages to using a central fill facility for your blister pack production, but now, BUSINESS CONTINUITY in these difficult and uncertain times is top of everyone’s mind.

It’s been a crazy, unprecedented month of your service to your community on the frontline of this COVID-19 pandemic. With so much uncertainty day to day and the ever present threat of limited resources or closure due to staff unwillingness to work or illness, we wanted to reassure you that our central fill facility continues to be here and operate safely to meet your needs and the needs of your most vulnerable patients.

We have taken every precaution with both our facility as well as with our staff to ensure our ongoing, uninterrupted business. Because we are a closed facility, we are not at risk from the public as you are at the frontline. And now, with the new changes to the central fill regulations announced by the College of Pharmacy last week, should you require it, we can now deliver your blister packs directly to the facilities you service or to patients homes. This provides some additional piece of mind knowing that if for some reason you had to close, at least this significant part of your business could continue uninterrupted.

Read on and/or call us to discuss how easy it is to start using us for your blister pack needs. We want to thank you for your service to your community and look forward to supporting you.

Be well and stay safe!

George Edwards & Tracey Phillips